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When should I install my wardrobes?

A question we often get asked when a customer is carrying out a complete redecoration of their bedroom is at what point should the wardrobes be installed. Here were will outline when we feel the best time to install the wardrobes would be to make sure you have the minimum of fuss and the best looking room when the work is complete.

When deciding to decorate your bedroom and install new wardrobes, it is important to consider what else you are doing within the room and plan accordingly.

When installing fitted wardrobes, it is easier and neater to install them to the floorboards rather than on top of the carpet. This will enable you to replace the carpet at a later date without having to cut it where it meets the wardrobe. If you are replacing the carpet and the old carpet is still in place, that is fine as it can be cut where required. Allowances will be allowed in the plinth underneath your wardrobes to allow the new carpet to go slightly underneath (if you have sliding doors the carpet will go up to the track (not underneath), creating a snug fit and a perfect finish to your room.

Walls can be painted or wall-papered either before or after the wardrobes go in. Although we always recommend that if the room needs decorating you do it after the wardrobes have been installed. This is for two reasons. The first is purely practical, in that if you decorate prior to the installation and you don’t already have wardrobes in place, you may end up decorating areas which don’t need to be decorated as they will be hidden from view once your wardrobes have been installed. The second reason is that if you decorate prior to the wardrobes going on, the sealant which is used between your new wardrobes and the walls, will be on top of your newly decorated walls. We feel that it always looks slightly neater if this is painted over once the wardrobes are completed and therefore should be done after the wardrobes have been installed.

So to summarise, we would advise that wardrobes are installed to the floorboards with new carpet put in after they have been installed (going slightly under the plinth on hinged doors or up to the track on sliding doors) and that walls should be decorated after the wardrobes are installed to save you time & money and to provide you with a great finish to your room.

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