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The Importance of Customer Service

I read recently that 63% of customers expect bad customer service. When you think about it, that is a shocking statistic and shows that over half of customers expect to receive it. How many times must they have received poor customer service for them to ‘expect’ it. I don’t know about you but for me to ‘expect’ poor service, I would have had to have received it at least three times from the same company. Does this show the state of companies within the UK – that customer service is so poor that people don’t expect to have a positive experience?

I would like to think that small businesses, like ours can prove that not all companies are the same and that some do provide excellent service to their customers. The Institute of Customer Service survey in July 2017 showed that the companies that provided better customer service did so because staff did what they said they would, had a good attitude, understood the issue and resolved the complaint.

Here at Taylored Room Solutions we aim to provide excellent customer service from the first time a customer contacts us to the moment their project is completed and beyond. This involves providing great advice, explaining the process properly, discussing things with the customer and dealing with things that go wrong quickly and effectively. We hope that we achieve this every time, and this is certainly reflected in our independent Checkatrade scores.

So, to avoid being one of the 63% that expect bad customer service, think about using a small business rather than a larger chain and choose a company that really provides you with the level of service you deserve as a customer.

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