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Here at Taylored Room Solutions, we are continually working to try and get you the best value products, that enhance your room and add value to your home. Whilst we previously have offered lighting with our installations, it was complex to install - involving electricians and complex wiring, which ultimately increased the cost of your project by a significant amount. We are therefore extremely excited about our new 'Loox' lighting range which offers a great look and great value for money.

Kitchen Lighting Options

The range can either be plugged into a normal 3-pin, 13amp socket or can be hardwired into a switch (albeit then we need to get the electrician out again). All lights are LED's, so great for energy consumption and although we only offer a 12V range at present, the light is bright enough for feature lighting in your kitchen or bedroom. Not only that but with a number of options available, we are sure that you will find a style that will suit your room and the mood that you are trying to create.

Shelf Light
One of the best things about this range, is that it can also be fitted to existing units, so you don't need to wait until you are re-installing fitted furniture in your home, before you can take advantage of these great products. The range includes:

  • Spotlights
  • Strip Lights
  • Colour Changing Lights
  • Reading Lights (with or without USB charger)
  • Illuminated Hanging Rails
  • Drawer Lights

LED Downlights

With prices starting from £6.99 per light, why not give us a call on 020 8942 7556 or email to find out more information on our brand new 'Loox' lighting range.

Reader Comments (1)

love this and needed night lighting under our counters, saw here another idea that you put tube lighting under counters near baseboards, so I used a string of lights under my island counter for night lights, and it's great, so thanks for the idea and all the ideas here are very helpful. :D

By Harry Elliot on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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