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If there are two things that you can almost guarantee on a bank holiday weekend, it is that there will be at least one of your neighbours or friends having a barbecue and that it will rain at some point. So what can you do if your barbecue is all set up, the beers are on ice and the heavens decide to open? Well if you are like somebody I know, you will get the umbrella up and just carry on as if nothing was happening and look surprised when all the guests are inside leaving them standing all by themselves, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon standing outside getting drenched, choking with smoke under their umbrella?

In reality however, when the rain starts coming down, you will sigh with disappointment and then head inside to the kitchen, along with a number of other guests. It always amazes me, that no matter what the size of your kitchen, whenever you have people over, they will always congregate in the kitchen. This obviously makes it more difficult for the person doing the cooking, but there are a number of ovens and hobs that can help you when it all seems to be going wrong.

Single OvenOne of the things that is very popular at the moment, is the slide & hide oven. This means that when you are cooking and everybody is in the kitchen, the oven door won’t get in the way and slides neatly underneath. This is especially useful if you have an oven located in a tower housing as it means you can get very close to it and don’t have to stretch when you are lifting out heavy dishes of food.

As we all know, the food that is cooked on a barbecue can get messy and it takes ages to clean. Ovens are not much better and it can prove expensive to get somebody out to professionally clean it. New ovens can now come with pyrolytic cleaning, which heats the oven to an extremely high temperature and when it is finished, all you have to do it brush the dust out of your spotlessly clean oven.

Hobs also come in a range of options and we are very excited about induction hobs. Not only do these have a high energy rating, but they also are extremely safe. The last thing you want when your kitchen is full of people, is for someone to accidentally touch the hob after it has just been used and then burn themselves. Induction hobs, only heat up when a pan is resting on them and are cool almost immediately after the pan has been removed. This makes them incredibly safe, especially if you have children around.

There are a number of options available to you but the two above are especially useful when you have everybody in your home because it has started to rain and you were meant to be having a barbecue. For more information on Kitchen Options, contact us and ask for our Kitchen Options brochure.

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