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A splash of Colour

With grey still very much on trend in the home, you would be forgiven for thinking that a home could be very bland and boring. However, by adding a splash of colour into a room, you can either lift the room slightly or create a feature within the space.

One of the things we often get asked here at Taylored Room Solutions is whether colours within a room should complement or contrast each other. There is an argument for both, however when choosing colours that complement each other, it is important to make sure that the colours are not too similar. Get it wrong and you will end up with an awful clash of colour that doesn’t look right, however if you get it right, then the colours will discretely support each other and give you a pleasant ambiance in the room.

It is certainly easier to choose contrasting colours, however the challenge when having contrasting colours within a room is to not enclose the space too much. In kitchens, we always advise to have a lighter colour for the doors and a darker colour for the worktops, so the room is opened out. Do it the other way and you end up with a dark room that feels smaller than it is. If you are picking a bold colour to contrast a pastel shade, it is worth thinking about how much colour you have within the room. Too much and you end up with it taking over, too little and it just looks a little lost. To go back to the kitchen, splashbacks or tiles are often in a brighter contrasting colour which adds to the room without being too bold.

Whichever way you want to add colour to your room, it is worth remembering that the colours need to be linked together, either through accessories or the layout of your room. Link all the colours together and whether they compliment or contrast each other, you will end up with a perfect, relaxing space in your home.

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