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Accessible Rooms

Solutions That Provide Access for All

The team at Taylored Room Solutions can help you make the most of your space in both your kitchen and bedroom so that you have the solution that meets your requirements. Sometimes to make the most use of the space, accessories are worth adding and provide excellent value for money. From pull down hanging rails and pull-out shoe racks in the bedroom; to corner optimisers and pull out larders in the kitchen, we can provide the perfect solution to make sure that your room is completely accessible.

When You Can’t Reach the Item, Our Designs Can Bring the Item to You

We offer a range of accessories that can help you to access those hard to reach corner cupboards in your kitchen. These include corner carousels and corner optimisers which make accessing these areas so much easier. At Taylored Room Solutions, we know that it is not just corner cupboards that are hard to access, especially as we get older and mobility can be a problem. Don’t be afraid to discuss with our design consultant any areas where you struggle to access, we can assist with ease of access by including products such as adjustable worktops, pull out larders and moveable wall units within the design of your new kitchen, meaning that rather than you having to get to the item, the item will come to you.

accessible corner cupboards


accessible wardobesFlexible Wardrobe Designs to Provide Easy Access to All Your Items

Our designs are always centred around you and your requirements and as all our designs are completely bespoke we can be flexible in our designs so that you have easy access to all your items. With different designs requiring different amounts of space, our design consultant can talk you through the various options and make sure the solution is the right one for you. In addition to this, pull down hanging rails, pull out shelving and internal drawers can all make your wardrobes as accessible as possible, leaving you free to enjoy your day without a struggle in the morning.

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