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Sliding Door Wardrobe Installation, Earlsfield

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The problem:

This project was in a very compact one bedroom flat. There was very little storage throughout the flat and the only place available for wardrobes was an alcove area in the bedroom that was already accommodating the boiler, stop cocks and all the pipework that accompanied them. This area had also been divided into two sections by a wall which made the space even smaller and had two sets of bi-fold doors for access that kept falling off their tracks.

The customer wanted to maximise this storage space in this tricky area and have full access to it.

 The Process:

Julia attended the home and discussed all the requirements with the customer, including what the space needed to be used for and then explained how we could help and what options were available for the space. Discussions also took place surrounding the dividing wall and following the initial design consultation, our builders visited the site to discuss with the customer the options for removing the wall.

Following her visit, Julia produced a quotation for the customer and included hand drawn images to show the customer how the room would look when it was completed. This was all sent to the customer who then confirmed that he was happy with the design and the proposed building works.

The work was scheduled to take a week to complete and on the first day, the builders arrived, stripped out the old wardrobes and commenced the removal of the dividing wall. This work continued into day two where the builders completed the wall removal and plastering. All the items for the new wardrobes were delivered at the end of the second day once the building work had been completed.

The second phase of the work started on the third day when we commenced the installation of the internal parts of the wardrobe. This continued into the fourth day and included the installation of the frame for the doors which is required to create a completely square frame to accomodate the track for the sliding doors and allow them to run smoothly. The final day of the project involved installing the sliding doors and carrying out the last few finishing touches. As soon as this was done, the wardrobe was ready to be used.

The solution:

The completed wardrobe provided a sleek new modern look to the room and the customer no longer had to worry about allowing space in front of the wardrobes for the doors to open. The wardrobe provided a compartmentalised structure which accomodated the boiler and all the pipework. Shelving storage, internal drawers and a large section of double hanging space - one rail above the other - was provided and a space for the ironing board provided the all important finishing touch to the storage space. The completed project was not only practical but looked fantastic and left the customer extremely pleased with his new wardrobe.

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