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Wardrobe Installation, Cheam

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Problem – House renovation taking place, including the building of a new ensuite. Storage was required in the bedrooms in an art-deco style to fit with the new theme in the rooms.

Process – Julia attended when the home was still a building site with numerous contractors working on structural parts of the building. Discussions took place surrounding what the requirements of the customer were, how we could help and what the rooms would look like when they were completed.

Whilst preparing the quotation, Julia produced hand-drawn images to show the customer what the room would look like on completion. She also sourced a handle for the customer as the ones we had within our normal range did not match the theme that the customer wanted. The details of the handle, were also sent to the customer along with the quotation to confirm she was happy with the design.

The installation of the wardrobes was completed at two different times due to the work being carried out by the builders. The first set were completed when the builders had completed the structural work in the spare room. We then installed the wardrobes and matching bedside tables allowing the room to be used once it was completed. When we had finished, the builders then returned to install the carpet and decorate the walls.

The second set of wardrobes in the master bedroom were installed later as the wardrobes formed part of the entrance to the ensuite. Again, we installed the wardrobes once the structural work was complete and this involved installing the wardrobes, bedside tables, and entrance doors to the ensuite. Once we had completed the work, the builders returned to decorate the walls and install the carpet and complete the final additions to the ensuite.

Solution – The completed wardrobes, provided an art-deco look to the storage within the room. The wardrobes filled the alcoves in both rooms and the matching bedside tables providing that all important finishing touch. The long run of wardrobes in the master bedroom continued across the entrance to the ensuite, therefore providing a discrete entrance that matched the rest of the room. The completed project looked amazing and matched the décor and theming throughout the house, leaving the customer very happy with her new storage space.


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